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Stats Roster Schedule Transactions

03/22/14 Boots, Ian (C) placed on 30 day IR
03/22/14 Hertz, Trever (C) signed contract
03/20/14 Peterson, Nate (D) waived
03/20/14 Scola, Alex (G) signed contract
03/20/14 Schneider, Bennett (D) signed contract
03/18/14 Clarke, Dan (G) waived
03/15/14 Hertz, Trever (C) signed 3 game tryout
03/15/14 Lynes, Luke (C) signed 3 game tryout
03/08/14 Kuqali, Nicholas (D) returned from loan to Wheeling (ECHL)
03/08/14 Harrison, Andrew (RW) signed contract
03/08/14 Barber, Brad (D) waived
03/08/14 Lynes, Luke (C) signed 3 game tryout
03/05/14 Andrejev, Roman (LW) claimed off waivers
03/05/14 Lysyj, Mike (LW) waived
03/05/14 Martens, Jeff (LW) waived
03/05/14 Turcotte, Tyler (D) signed contract
02/28/14 Harrison, Andrew (RW) signed 3 game tryout
02/24/14 Leppanen, Jarkko (D) loaned to Wichita (CHL)
02/21/14 Craig, Tom (C) acquired in trade from Knoxville for future considerations
02/21/14 Campbell, Dion (RW) loaned to Arizona (CHL)
02/21/14 Harrison, Andrew (RW) signed 3 game tryout
02/18/14 Battaglia, Anthony (LW) retired
02/18/14 Peterson, Nate (D) acquired in trade from Pensacola to complete previous trade
02/14/14 Moore, Dean (D) placed on team suspension
02/14/14 LaBelle, Lucas (LW) signed contract
02/14/14 Zych, Evan (D) signed contract
02/10/14 LeBlond, Chapen (RW) loaned to Tulsa (CHL)
02/07/14 Moore, Dean (D) returned from loan to Missouri (CHL)
02/07/14 Kuqali, Nicholas (D) loaned to Wheeling (ECHL)
02/06/14 Vandehogen, Brett (RW) signed contract
02/02/14 Fletcher, Kyle (C) loaned to Denver (CHL)
01/30/14 Campbell, Dion (RW) signed contract
01/25/14 Moore, Dean (D) loaned to Missouri (CHL)
01/17/14 Mignone, Casey (RW) waived
01/17/14 Battaglia, Anthony (LW) signed contract
01/14/14 Lange, Tommy (LW) traded to Fayetteville
01/14/14 Martens, Jeff (LW) acquired in trade from Fayetteville
01/09/14 Boots, Ian (C) signed contract
01/06/14 Janosz, Tom (D) retired
01/03/14 Barber, Brad (D) signed contract
01/01/14 Micks, Mackenzie (RW) traded to Pensacola for future considerations
12/27/13 Moore, Dean (D) signed contract
12/27/13 Sands, Brent (C) waived
12/26/13 Barber, Brad (D) signed 3 game tryout
12/26/13 Sallander, David (D) waived
12/26/13 Lysyj, Mike (LW) signed contract
12/20/13 Mignone, Casey (RW) signed contract
12/20/13 Sands, Brent (C) signed contract
12/20/13 Bruijsten, Mitch (RW) loaned to Stockton (ECHL)
12/19/13 Greiner, Luke (C) loaned to South Carolina (ECHL)
12/17/13 Lysyj, Mike (LW) signed 3 game tryout
12/14/13 Greiner, Luke (C) signed contract
12/13/13 Gordon, Matt (C) placed on team suspension
12/10/13 Edmondson, Reid (C) retired
12/10/13 Lange, Tommy (LW) signed contract
12/06/13 Greiner, Luke (C) signed 3 game tryout
11/27/13 Greiner, Luke (C) signed 3 game tryout
11/26/13 Smyth, Matt (RW) traded to Fayetteville for cash
11/22/13 Elser, Brian (LW) waived
11/21/13 Looby, Mike (D) waived
11/21/13 Smyth, Matt (RW) acquired in trade from Pensacola for cash
11/19/13 Thorburn, Mark (LW) acquired in trade from Pensacola for future considerations
11/15/13 Tolles, Joe (D) signed contract
11/14/13 Ridley, Matt (D) traded to Fayetteville
11/14/13 Janosz, Tom (D) acquired in trade from Fayetteville
11/09/13 Baker, Bill (D) signed contract
11/09/13 Feniak, Adam (D) waived
11/01/13 Elser, Brian (LW) signed contract
11/01/13 Ventura, Kyle (RW) waived
11/01/13 Kristof, Andreas (LW) waived
11/01/13 Baker, Bill (D) signed 3 game tryout
10/25/13 Fletcher, Kyle (C) signed contract
10/25/13 Ventura, Kyle (RW) signed contract

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